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Visual Identity


Strong branding is critical in a diverse market cluttered with competing messages, products and services. EACSOFT is a corporate branding and web design firm based in Brisbane specializing in consistent and comprehensive visual identity to provide recognition, clarity. We offer bespoke web design, corporate branding and creative solutions with measurable results. Our visual identity team is committed in improving the online presence of your company. Let your business stand out from the competition through effective cohesive brand identity. Get seamless experience for any visual interaction between your business and your customers.

Developing the best visual identity helps establish a strong, robust corporate identity for your company. Your corporate identity should be enduring, relevant, unmistakably yours. Any business owners want a specific icon that will identify their brand from all others. Visual identity helps businesses stand out and be recognized by their target audience while also showcasing creativeness when presenting products or services.

Visual identity helps you reach out to your target market while creating a memorable personality to your business. Several elements work together in conjunction to establish a unique visual identity:

�Color Palettes


When it comes to presenting an image to the public, the company logo is easily the most recognizable marketing element there is. Branding and company logos work together to create a distinct image, setting the quality of a service apart from others and establishing trust in the public. A logo is more can be used beyond marketing a business; it represents what the company is all about.

Logos shouldn’t rely on eye-catching designs and ingenuity alone. When conceptualizing a logo for your business, you need to make sure your logo is relevant to your brand image. It has to be original and able to sum up the quality of service you intent to provide to your customers. Remember, the quality of your brand/services will be carried over to your logo so wherever your logo is seen, people will get an idea what your company does best.


Typefaces do more than spell words, when used consistently through all marketing efforts; they can turn into symbols or images of a specific brand. Typefaces, just like logos, can be used to reflect what a business is all about. Therefore, it pays to select the right typeface carefully.

Typefaces come in several style variations, including light, regular, semi-bold, bold, ultra bold and italic. The color, the font size and the style all contribute to the readability of the entire page. They could spell the difference between a website that engages readers or turns people away. 
When it comes to font selection, the smallest of details matters. There are different types of fonts to choose from and each of these fonts has its own personality. The personality of the font style itself has an impact on your own marketing materials so it’s important to select a find style that reflects and enhance your business’ brand identity.

Typefaces can be designated in various types of marketing materials as well as through your website. Generally, you should designate fonts for the following:

Logo Font: Typically installed in Windows computers, the logo font has to be distinct, unique and interesting.

Secondary Font: Secondary font is often used in headlines, sub-headlines, taglines. It can also be used for a special text including captions, pull quotes and graphics. Secondary font is often the same style as the logo font.

Tertiary Font:This is a font style that is used when the secondary font is not legible. Tertiary fonts are often used for mid-length texts like contact information or pull quotes, which are long quotes used in documents or articles.

Website Font: Choosing the right website font help readers enjoy the content better. Unfortunately, some fonts translate better online but others don’t. The key here is readability. Small fonts or fonts that look too crammed together should be avoided.

When selecting the right font, it’s important to choose the one with similar characteristics to your brand. There are hundreds of font types to choose from but only a few of render better online. So when choosing the font style for your site or marketing materials, always create consistency throughout your documents. However, if you want to choose contrasting fonts to build visual texture and interest in your materials, go for harmonious matching suite of fonts (i.e. using Serif font like Palatino for headlines and then Sans serif like Verdana for the text)

Color Palettes

Color has an almost subliminal effect on people. It can convey emotions, set the tone for the content and even affect how people react to a specific brand. It goes without saying that color palettes is one of the most important aspect of web design.

Consistency in color choices can make the difference between a professional-looking website and a sloppy, cheap-looking website. For example, if your company color is red, blue and white yet you chose purple, pink and orange for your logo or when you publish a post, you give the impression that your brand is undefined and inconsistent. This is why you need to know a thing or two about color and using hexadecimal color codes in order to pick the right colors that reflect the personality of your brand the best.

Choosing Website Colors: What To Consider

You can't just pick random colors and hope for the best. When selecting the right website colors, you need to consider the following:

One: Should you sync your new site with an existing color schemes? Most business sites are looking for color palettes that mirrors the branding the company already established. 

Two: What is the purpose of the website? Is it a business site or is it aimed to sell something? Colors elicit certain emotions from people so it’s important to know more about color psychology in marketing before you choose which color palette to use for your site.

Three: What type of graphics will you use for the website? The graphics and the color palette should complement one another.

How Many Color To Use?

The number of colors used in combination is a critical part of web design. To be on the safe side, adopt the 60-30-10 rule used by interior designers. First, you pick three different colors and use them in the following ratios:

60% - This refers to the primary color of the site. It will set the general tone of the website’s design.
30% - This is used in contrast to the primary color to create a striking visual effect
10% - This color is used as accent to the website. The accent color has to complement either the primary or the secondary website color.

If you want to diversify your color palette beyond the basic element, you can use different tones and shades from your existing color choices. This way, you can create great color palette without the risk of spoiling the overall website design.


Imagery can be utilized in order to create a defined visual identity. However, the photos have to be relevant, dynamic and evoke a sense of urgency. The images have to capture the sense of the moment and convey scenes that look and feels more natural, real or relaxed. The key is to establish a more approachable character that welcomes the readers to the site.

Just like typefaces and color palettes, imagery can help reinforce and enhance the tone and content of a website. When selecting images for your website, note the photo resolution. The lower the resolution, the more blurry the image will look when it’s printed out. High res images will result in sharp, crisp images that look great on your online post or when printed out.


Content in both words and images make for persuasive marketing materials. By highlighting what benefits a specific product or service can provide, you compel prospective customers to make a purchase. This is why despite technological innovations, brochures, flyers, business cards and other traditional marketing materials remain one of the most effective promotional tools today.

Brochures or business cards work as initial “handshakes” of your business. You want your marketing materials to make a great impression on people. How you present your business in print can certainly impact the marketability of your business.

Corporate Brochures

Nothing conveys branding messages as effectively as brochures. Corporate brochures play a crucial role in promoting a business and attracting new customers. Creating powerful brochures will require a balance of choice words, the right color palette, compelling images and great design.

Business Cards

Handing out business cards is one of the oldest marketing practices there is. The business card should contain important information about either an individual or an organization. How a business card is designed speaks volumes about the person or the business’ culture, region, characteristics, preferences, etc.

Letterhead Design

A customized letterhead design to business letters, invoices or any written transactions, gives an air of professionalism, it also gives distinction between your brand and your competitors. Letterhead designs are one of the core elements of an identity system and when done right, it helps keep your branding consistency.

Email Signature

Email signature is probably one of the most overlooked elements of stationery. Imagine promoting your brand with every email set. Much like brochures and business cards, customized email signature helps make a business instantly recognizable; it helps identify your brand apart from the competition.

Corporate Identity: Consistency Creates Impact

Creating a corporate identity requires using visualization on various levels in order to help customers remember what your business does. By establishing a distinct corporate identity, customers will be able to identify the different attitudes and personalities of an organization.

Printing Service

Make an impact, turn to EACSOFT printing service and make an indelible imprint on your customers�minds! EACSOFT Printing service helps you create an even more remarkable brand, all at affordable prices.

We design and print a wide range of marketing materials including:

Business Cards

Make your business card as distinct as your business. Standing out is easy with customized business cards by EACSOFT. EACSOFT has a curated collection of business card templates and quality paper stocks to create striking, impactful business cards.

Full Color Brochures

At EACSOFT, we offer quality brochure printing service that suits your budget and marketing needs. We offer flexible size and fold options, top notch designs and quality. Impress your customers with half-fold brochures or take it a notch with tri-fold brochures, EACSOFT offers a wide range of options to choose from!


Need gorgeous menus for your restaurants or cafés? Whether you need in-store or take-away menus, you can trust us to design and print full color, high quality menus at relative competitive prices. We offer double-sided, glossy or laminated menus, just try out new designs or go for traditional ones at EACSOFT.


Marketing may have gone digital but nothing beats old school promotional flyers to attract more customers into your business! EACSOFT offers business, nightclub, die-cut and club card formats. We use standard paper sizes as well as custom sizing. In fact, you can choose any flyer you want. We will print flyers on offset, quality color printing as well as digital printing for small businesses.

Presentation Folders

Our presentation folders are made to help businesses boost its company image and identity. Find the perfect design that fits your business with EACSOFT’s custom templates, pre-made designs or even present your own design to match your existing marketing materials.
Customized folders help organized important professional documents, increase brand awareness and serves as promotional and informational materials to clients and customers alike. At EACSOFT, you can individual your designs and matching business cards to go with the folders. You can add your own texts, images or company logos.


EACSOFT offers affordable, custom posters that will help attract attention to your business! Whatever event you have in mind, we offer 100% unique poster designs that make a statement. We create high quality posters with unique texts, photos, your company logo and website address. For specific designs or if you want to add your own texts, we will accommodate any requests.

Customized products

EACSOFT offers a wide range of customization services for all types of marketing materials including:
- Paper bags
- Pull-up Banners
- Greeting Cards
- packaging boxes